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Business Growth Club MeetUPs


Our Business Growth Club is deliberately different to other weekly business networking groups in MasterMind2020.

It has a  very conversational style driven by a different light theme every week.  We expect NEW people around the table or theater to react to whatever you are saying and join the conversation. The whole meeting is conducted by a MasterMind Facilitator.

E-Accelerator Track.

Growth Conditioning Camp // 1-DAY

The Base Camp


Quarterly planning workshop for entrepreneurs and decision-makers. 

Participants will assemble their business strategies and planning for the next 3 months, complete with goals, strategies, and timelines.  Get more accomplished in the next 90 days than most businesses do all year! 


Seating is limited and advance registration/tuition required.

Marketing BootCamp // 1-DAY
The team takes over another mission

Howard Ruff, once said, “If I could teach my kids one thing, it would be the skill of marketing because with that skill, they’d be successful with anything they did.”


This Marketing Seminar is a hands-on, step-by-step, paint-by-numbers marketing program where you will develop a brilliant marketing plan and learn the specific strategies necessary to make a fortune in any business.


You will leave with a marketing plan of the caliber you would normally pay an agency over $50,000 to produce.

Seating is limited and advance registration/tuition required.

Performance Club // 1-DAY
Members go to the Peak Performance 

Most businesses operate at around 10% of their potential net profit. 

Winners are objective, systematic, and rational.


The best way to understand the numbers in your business is to stand back and take a good, hard, realistic look at your profits and potentials.  Business is not about sales; it's about PROFIT. Work backwards and you will understand the numbers game.


This seminar put in practice and metrics and measurements to look at the links and ratios in your business.

Where did the bulk of you income come from last month?  Where did most of your PROFIT come from? Where could it / should it come from? 

When you factor in the time required to make money, there is easy money and hard money.  Something that takes a lot of time to make the same amount of profit as does something that took much less time, is hard money.


Seating is limited and advance registration/tuition required.




Jorge Chavez

Miami, FL

" The E-Accelerator Program gave me the skills to make a bigger impact as an entrepreneur and a professional. I keep expanding my network, and now my influence is international. "

Eliette Cepero

Aventura, FL

"The Mastermind2020 coaching program helped cultivate my goals for success. Networking and engaging with ambitious people keeps me focused and driven. I won’t stagnate and the opportunities are endless. Thanks, MasterMind2020!."

Melissa Yaber

Dallas, TX

"At the weekly Business Growth Club meetings, I had the amazing opportunity to meet and mingle with a group of entrepreneurs full of energy, that keep me accountable each week to accomplish all my goals and create new business opportunities."

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