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Performance and Accountability Coaching. 


You may be inclined to let things continue to run as they are. After the crucial early stages in your business and life, you should regularly review your progress, identify how you can make the most of the market position you've established, and decide where to take your business next.


You will need to revisit and update your business plan with your new strategy in mind and make sure you introduce the developments you've noted.


This phase takes you through this essential process, detailing the stages you should go through to assess how well your business is performing, highlighting your strengths and areas that could be improved, and suggesting the actions you need to take to implement the improvements that you've identified.


  • Review the progress of your business

  • Assess your core activities

  • Assess your business efficiency

  • Review your financial position

  • Conduct a competitor analysis

  • Conduct a customer and market analysis

  • review to redefine your business goals

  • Models for your strategic analysis

  • Breaking down your strategic review



Why You Need An Accountability Coach

Successful people use coaches because it keeps them on track towards their goals and allows them to make quick progress. A coach will motivate, support you, and help you to make improvements in your life and business.


Who uses accountability coaching?


  • Entrepreneurs

  • Business owners

  • Freelancers

  • Career-minded professionals

  • ...and anyone who wants success in reaching their goals, projects, and vision.


With Accountability coaching, you will:

  • Develop strategies and techniques to combat procrastination.

  • Clearly identify your goals.

  • Developing an action plan of smaller steps that will guide you towards achieving those goals.

  • Be able to manage and overcome feelings of overwhelm and inertia.

  • Have someone in your corner to motivate you and push you to overcome challenges when they arrive.

  • Develop self-control and establish healthy habits.

  • Craft a more organized and productive you.

  • Establish mindsets that keep you moving forward through life with positivity.



How does the Coaching Program work?

  • Step 1:  Complete the short Game Plan form.  State your goals and goal-related challenges. This process shapes our coaching work together.

  • Step 2:  Our coaching begins with a Game Plan session. We'll clarify your long-term goals and we'll set immediate action steps for the next 12 weeks.

  • Step 3:  Track your goal metrics and begin to make progress.  You'll get regular email coaching support (daily or weekly, depending on your program). You'll also get feedback and solutions to your challenges.

  • Step 4:  Submit an Accountability Report. Every 7 days, update with the actions you took, your successes, and the challenges you had that week, plus your plan for the upcoming week.

  • Step 5:  Get feedback on your Accountability Report. We will review your week, and we'll discuss solutions to your challenges and set action steps for the next 7 days.


This process repeats each week and each month to help you make steady progress on your goals.
It's a simple system and it works.

Select your Best Option


  • Easy Accountablity

  • Game Plan.
    (via email and shared online)

  • Solutions to your goal-related challenges.

  • Supportive structure.

  • Get an action plan and clarity on your goals.

  • Review of your Performance Accountability Report.   

  • Get an objective assessment of your progress.

$95.00 USD/Session





12-Week program

  • Quarter Game Plan.
    (via email and shared online)  

    - get an action plan and clarity on your goals

  • Weekly Review of your Accountability Report   
    - get an objective assessment of your progress

  • Solutions to your goal-related challenges

  • Supportive structure.

  • Easy accountability.

$350.00 USD/Month.

No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with your coaching program or Session for any reason, We will refund your money in full. No questions asked, no hassle. is a Personal and Professional Development Program Supported by BIZION GROUP LLC 

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