MasterMind2020 truly belongs to its members. 


Each meeting is a collaborative effort that is made successful by the faithful participation of individuals. With seasoned entrepreneurs business owners and marketing experts, Mastermind2020 continues to reach new heights for those Professional Entrepreneurs.


As you practice your new skills with MasterMind2020, you will see results. Helpful and positive evaluations along with experienced mentorship will refine your skills and ease your entrepreneurship anxiety. But the MasterMind’s experience is so much more!  


No matter where you are on your journey to becoming a more polished leader on business communications, opportunities abound to exercise your courage and to stretch your personal and professional growth. As MasterMind continue to say “yes” to meeting roles, officer positions, and contest participation, they find themselves achieving new heights in the strength of character and experience.


The supportive and friendly environment of the club fosters this growth. When you decide to take on a challenge, you can be certain that there will be a fellow member who comes alongside of you to help you succeed.  Our website offers many tools, best practices, and templates to make your assignment easy to complete All of these benefits…and it is fun too! As you listen to the stories and presentations that our diverse members share each week, you will be enriched. Former members return often for visits, proving that lifelong friendships start here.


Each of us with our unique talents and experiences makes mastersmind2020 a community that achieves new heights. We all share a part in that success. 

This year I challenge us all to stretch ourselves to push beyond our comfort levels to experience greater personal growth. You will find the rewards will far surpass what you believed you were capable of achieving!


To your success, 


Andres Hurtado Rangel


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